Thursday September 29 , 2016
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About Our Founder


lthough he calls himself a native Texan, the founder of The Mister Texas Organization, Darrin Miller, did not arrive in Texas until he was 3 years old.  However, his mother was born in Texas, so you could call him a native Texan by proxy.


arrin Miller grew up in San Antonio, Texas where he graduated from John Jay High School and then went on to graduate cum laude from the University of Texas in San Antonio, earning a BBA in Information Systems.


arrin’s first post college position was with EDS, whereby he was relocated to Phoenix, AZ, where he met his wife Cyndi.  Darrin returned to San Antonio after 3 years in AZ and began working for the USAF as a civil servant at one of the premier R&D laboratories operated by the DoD – Brooks AFB.  Five years later Darrin moved to Dallas, TX to work for a small medical services start up company named Integrated Medical Networks (IMN).  Ten months and one merger later, Darrin found himself leaving IMN to begin a 7 year run as consultant/road warrior working for SQRiBE Technologies, which was acquired by Brio Software, which was acquired by Hyperion Solutions, which later was acquired by Oracle.  Approximately, six months prior to the Oracle acquisition, Darrin went to work with several X-SQRiBE/Brio employees for a start up consulting company named 1Answer Solutions, where he served as the VP of Marketing and Training.


uring the aforementioned journey, Darrin served in many different roles, presented at numerous user’s conferences, authored a book entitled “Harnessing SQR”, welcomed his inquisitive and energetic son Riley into the world, and became a born again believer.


oday, Darrin is employed by DGFastChannel, Inc., where he functions as the Supervisor of Business Intelligence.
Having worked as a freelance model, performer at Sea World of Texas, and dancer during his 20s, in April of 2009, just one year shy of his 45th birthday, Darrin decided to merge several of his life passions (technology, fitness, and his love of Texas) into a personal endeavour by launching the Mister Texas Organization, competition, and web site.  Four months later, the first ever Mister Texas – Brock Richard was crowned and the Mister Texas Organization truly took shape.


arrin attempts to stay in the best “post 40 something” shape possible and maintain a sharp mind at work, by working out at 05:00 AM, 5 days a week at LA Fitness, maintaining a balanced diet, and staying abreast of current fitness findings and trends.  Darrin’s commitment to fitness, coupled with his work ethic and faith in God; personify the Mister Texas Organization’s mission of “…providing young men throughout the Lone Star State with positive role models to observe, learn from, and emulate.  

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